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  • Inaugural Meeting

    Inaugural Meeting

    March 11th, 2014 Unesco Chair “Water Resources Management and Culture” INAUGURAL MEETING Click here for visiting the Inaugural Meeting page More pictures and videos at our facebook page  

  • Call for Best Parctices for Lakes

    Il premio  “Best Practice for Lake” si pone l’obiettivo di mettere in contatto la comunità scientifica internazionale con le pubbliche amministrazioni per la diffusione di buone pratiche relative alla amministrazione […]

  • 15° World Lake Conference – Perugia 1-5 settembre 2014

    15° World Lake Conference – Perugia 1-5 settembre 2014 “Lakes: the Mirrors of the Earth. Balancing Ecosystem Integrity and Human Wellbeing”  

  • Workshop on UNESCO AND WATER

    Rome, September 16th 2013 Piazza Firenze, 27 UNESCO Italian Commission, Palazzo Firenze, Sala del Primaticcio With the patronage of: UNESCO, H2CU, ILEC, USMA On the occasion of the presence in Rome of […]