Freshwater and Culture
Water Resources Management and Culture

Padiglione KIP International   School – EXPO Milano 2015

October 6-7 2015

Actions for the optimal water resources management will be discussed during the “ Freshwater and Culture“ conference with leading experts from National and International Institutions (Universities, municipalities, UN Agencies, etc.) involved in society sustanaibility and resilience. Key focus themes are floods, droughts and landslides among natural and human induced disaster impacting Unesco World Heritage sites, like the beautiful towns of Assisi and Tivoli. Outcomes of the conference will be useful for decision makers to understand and implement best policies and practices paving the way to efficient and safe water quality and quantity management in developed as well as developing countries.



Welcome Greetings

Luciano Carrino KIP International School President

Opening Speeches

Giovanni Paciullo University for Foreigners Perugia, Rector

Fabio Paparelli Regione Umbria Vice President

Ruggero Martines Tivoli Municipality, Assessore

Maurizio Memo University of Brescia, Deputy Rector

Gabriella Zanferrari Ital ICID President

Alessandro Folli URBIM Lombardia, President

Lectio Magistralis

Angelo Cavallin University of Milan Bicocca

Cairoli Giuliani Emerito Sapienza University of Rome

Enzo Grossi EXPO 2015 Scientific Advisor Italian Pavillon

Luigi Natale University of Pavia

Ugo Ruffolo University of Bologna

Mario Torelli Accademia dei Lincei

Session I: Cultural Heritage


Ruggero Martines Tivoli Municipality, Assessore

Silvano Rometti Umbria Region

Invited Speakers:

Baldassarre Bacchi University of Brescia

Fabio Bianconi University of Perugia

Chiara Biscarini University for Foreigners Perugia PDF

Gianluca Botter University of Padova PDF

Franco Cotana University of Perugia

Claudio Gandolfi University of Milano  PDF

Salvatore Grimaldi Tuscia University

Francesco Laio Polytechnic of Turin

Paolo Mignosa University of Parma PDF

Ottoni Federica University of Parma PDF

Fernando Nardi University for Foreigners Perugia

Donatella Padua University for Foreigners Perugia

Elena Ridolfi University of Perugia

Stefano Sibilla University of Pavia

Session II: Healthy Food and Wellness


Alessandro Santini, University Federico II Napoli

Pasquale Versace University of Calabria

Invited Speakers:

Luca Finotto CAE SpA  PDF

Stefano Casadei University of Perugia

Francesco Castelli University of Brescia PDF

Piergiorgio Manciola University of Perugia

Riccardo Paolini Politecnico di Milano

Giovanni Pieretti University of Bologna

Anna Laura Pisello University of Perugia

Nunzio Romano University of Naples Federico II

Diego Zurli Umbria Region

Round Table «Freshwater: Cross Cultural Heritage»

Chairman Giovanni Pieretti University of Bologna

with the participation of Luciano Gonnella KIP International School Director

Marco Arcieri Ital ICID Secretary General

Francesco Castelli University of Brescia

Pierluigi Claps GII President

Mauro Fiorentino Univesity of Basilicata

Maurizio Memo University of Brescia Deputy Rector

Giorgio Negri URBIM Lombardia Director

Organizing Committee
Piergiorgio Manciola  – University of Perugia
Chiara Biscarini – University for Foreigners Perugia
Silvia Di Francesco – Cusano University
Anna Laura Pisello – University of Perugia
Elena Ridolfi – University of Perugia