UNESCO and WATER – Scientific Meeting  Series 1

September 16th 2013 Piazza Firenze, 27

UNESCO Italian Commission, Palazzo Firenze, Sala del Primaticcio, Rome


With the patronage of: UNESCO, H2CU, ILEC, USMA On the occasion of the presence in Rome of the ILEC (International Lake Environment Committee – Lake Biwa, Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan – www.ilec.or.jp)  Scientific Committee, the World Lake Conference promoter, on September 16th 2013, the prestigious venue of “Sala del Primaticcio” of “Palazzo Firenze” in Rome will host a workshop promoted by UNESCO, USMA and the Honors Center of Italian Universities H2CU on integrated water resources management with specific regard to fresh waters.


The aim of the Workshop is to present and discuss the following themes:

– Collaboration between the Italian and international scientific community in the water sector with specific regard to the initiatives promoted by the Law n. 100 dated 9/8/2013  “Validation and execution of the agreement between the Italian Government and the United Nations Organization for the Education, Science, and Culture related to the UNESCO Programme Office on Global Water Assessment functioning in Perugia, that hosts the Word Water Assessment Programme secretariat, done in Paris on September 12, 2012”;

– Contributing to synergic studies on water with the WWAP in Villa La Colombella with regard to the recent institution of the UNESCO Chair by the University for Foreigners of Perugia on “Water Resources Management and Culture” in collaboration with the universities of the H2CU Center (see document attached);

– Scientific aspects of the 15th World Lake Conference (WLC15) that will be held in Perugia in September 2014 (www.wlc15perugia.com);


Program Workshop:

Welcome and Introduction

Giovanni Paciullo, Chancellor of the University for Foreigners of Perugia  VIDEO

Riccardo Valentini , Intergovernmental Panel  on Climate Change – Tuscia University

Massimiliano Atelli, Head of the Technical Se cretariat of the Minister for Environment

Annateresa Rondinella, Secretary General of the Italian Federation of Club and Center of UNESCO

Masahisa Nakamura, Shiga University Walter Rast, Texas State University

Keynote speaker

Giovanni Seminara – Lincei National Academy, University of Genova PDF

Invited Speakers

Michela Miletto, Deputy Director of UNESCO-WWAP

Fernando Nardi, University for Foreigners of Perugia

Salvatore Grimaldi, Tuscia University VIDEO  

Orazio Carpenzano, Sapienza University of Rome

Maurizio Porfiri, Polytechnic Institute of New York University  VIDEO

Luigi Natale, University of Pavia VIDEO

Fabio Russo, Sapienza University of Rome  VIDEO

Paolo Gardelli, Restoring Ancient Stabiae – Vesuvian Institute VIDEO

Conclusive remarks

Antonello Biagini – Pro Rector of Sapienza University of Rome

Silvano Rometti – Umbria Region Council